Salsa Squad Xmas Party
Saturday 16th December 2023
**Only 12 Ticket Left**. 

Salsa Dance Classes in Cheltenham, every Monday evening 
at Bishops Cleeve Tithe Barn (NOT including Bank Holidays)

Salsa Lessons at 3 levels, including Absolute Beginners, followed by 1 hour 
of Salsa dancing, £8 (£6 Full Time NUS)

Want to learn the basic Salsa steps before attending?
Check out our FREE online course 'Salsa from Scratch' 

Sat 17th Dec 2022 at Bishops Cleeve Tithe Barn. 
**Update: All ladies tickets have  SOLD OUT.
8-10pm, classes at 3 levels (inc Absolute Beginners) 8-9pm.

Dancing until 11.45pm. Full bar. Free Parking.

90% of tickets sold. 

Price: £20: pre-order only up to 5pm on Saturday.

Tickets NOT available on the door. 

**Only order if you are a man at Level 1, 2 or 3. 

Footage from last year's Xmas Party

Bring A New Guest With You And You Both Enter Half Price
(Offer also includes 2 new guest arriving together)
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Covid-19 Safety Measures:
From April 1st 2022, we no longer require guests to provide negative lateral flow test results upon entry. 

Instead,  we respectfully ask that guests 'test or rest'. 

This means, if you are showing any symptoms of Covid or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive, or If you have tested positive in the last 10 days, please either take a lateral flow test before attending or rest and delay attending for 10 days before testing, thank you.
Weekly Salsa Dance Classes In Cheltenham
We are currently holding one class per week in Cheltenham on Mondays. Details below.
Monday Night Salsa at The Barn
Where: Bishops Cleeve Tithe Barn, Bishops Cleeve, 19 Cheltenham Rd, GL52 8LU
When:  Every Monday. Doors open 7.45pm. Classes at 3 levels (inc Absolute Beginners) 8-9pm. Freestyle Salsa dancing 9-10pm
How much:  £8 (£6 Full Time NUS).
*New members get FREE Access to our online course 'Salsa From Scratch' (Value £27)*

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About The Night
Monday Salsa Night takes place in one of Cheltenham's most stunning venues, a 15th century Tithe Barn (see map below).

If it's your first time at Salsa you will be eased in with a very simple Absolute Beginners Salsa Class to build your confidence.

At Salsa Squad we keep things very simple, fun  and relaxed. 

Be reassured that 9 out of 10 people who attend our Salsa dance classes have never danced before and don't consider themselves dancers, but would love to learn.

We take things really slowly at first, breaking things down one step at a time. 

We encourage people to be happy making mistakes, to be patient with themselves and most importantly patient with each other, to laugh out loud when it goes wrong and celebrate when it goes right.

The hardest step in Salsa is turning up. 

We know, we had to do it when we first started. 

Sure, it takes a bit of courage to get out of the comfort zone and do something different, but once you are there you will be having so much fun that you will be wishing you started dancing Salsa years ago!

So, take a deep breath, come along and join in the fun. Read on...

Inside Bishops Cleeve Tithe Barn

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Here's The Low Down:
*Salsa at The Barn every Monday, 8pm-10pm 

* Start any week. Absolute Beginners Salsa Classes held every week - in the Beginners Room.

* Progress to Level 2 and 3 Salsa Classes at your own pace.

* Come on your own or with friends. 

* No partner required.

* Wear normal going out clothes, flat shoes, relaxed and informal.

* No dance experience required.

* Book your first class, after that just turn up and come when you can.

* Prepare to have a lot of fun.

* This is a Bring Your Own Drinks Venue, or there is a kitchen for water.

* A warm and friendly welcome awaits you...

* £8, £6 full time NUS. Pay by cash or card, 7th Class FREE. 7th Class FREE.

*New members get FREE Access to our online course 'Salsa From Scratch' (Value £27)

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How To Find The Tithe Barn

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start any week?
Yes. We teach the all important basic steps every week so no matter when you start you will be eased in nice and gently.
Do I need to bring a partner?
No. Most people come on their own although there are people who come as a couple. The way the classes work means dancers change partners every couple of minutes. Dancing with different people is the best way of improving. It also makes for a more sociable night out. If you do want to only dance with your partner please let the teacher know at the start of the lesson. 
What do I do when I get there?
If it's your very first time, you and the other Absolute Beginners (new people arrive every week) will be eased in with a very simple 'Introduction to Salsa' Class. This will build your confidence and act as a great starting point for your salsa.
What should I wear?
Most people come in casual comfortable attire, it's hot stuff so wear something cool. Its probably best to keep the high heels at home (especially the men!). Leather or smooth soles are best, not trainers as they grip too much and you may struggle with the triple spins ;-)
Will I feel out of place if I come on my own?
No, not unless you wear your fave' flamenco dress or bull fighter costume. Most of the people who attend come without a partner. During the classes we swap partners every couple of minutes, it's a great way of meeting new people. 
What is the age group?
We attract all generations from 18 to 80.  All ages are very welcome. 
How many people attend?
Anywhere between 30 and 80 depending upon the night. There is a good ratio of men to ladies.

What if I’ve never danced before?
If you can walk, we can teach you to dance. These classes are all about 'Making Salsa Simple' so in your first few classes you will be learning some simple Salsa basics that anyone can do.
Is it like being at school?
No, the class is very relaxed. Your ability to laugh is more important than your ability to dance!

I’m a bloke. Isn’t dancing for girls?
Good question. Ask that to Darren Gough, the burly Northern ex-England fast bowler who won Strictly Come Dancing or Evander Hollyfield who knocked out Mike Tyson (twice) and appeared on the show! Ask it of the head teacher, Paul, who has 25 boxing fights under his belt or Stuart who Captains Cheltenham North Rugby Club. No dancing isn't just for girls :-)
Are there any Covid 19 restrictions?
If you have tested positive for Covid-19  please refrain from attending Salsa for 10 days. If you have been in contact with anyone who has Covid or if you feel unwell in anyway please 'Test or Rest': Either take a Covid test or stay at home until you feel better. Thank you.

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