Hi Paul, I have been to Salsa Squad three times now, twice at The Study and last night at Butlers. It is so fantastic and cant wait to learn more steps!

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New Years Thank Yous (2014)

Happy New Year!

Now that the Xmas and New Year dust has settled I thought I would take a moment to put a few words of thanks together.

But before I do that I just want to share a few changes that are about to kick in when we start back on Friday 10th Jan at Copa.

First off, classes are now £6.

Yes, I know – a price rise, first one in 8 years – but it’s not really.

You see we are reintroducing the Salsa Squad Loyalty card where you get every  6th class FREE

So regular dancers still pay the equivalent of £5 over 6 classes.

With other places that have the same set up, ie great venues, multiple classes and equally good looking teachers, the price is as much as £8, so we think we are still up there in terms of value.

Also, for a trial period during January on Mondays at The Barn, we are going to have 1 slightly longer class rather than 2 classes at all levels.

This will leave a bit more time for freestyle whilst at the same time allowing the night to finish at 10pm.

So with that said  I just wanted to put a shout out to all the Squadies who kept the classes busy last year, your support has been awesome. Some of you have recently started and some have been coming for more than 8 years. A big thank you to all of you.

Thank you to our lovely ladies on the door who always welcome us with big smiles, and, if we have been good - warm hugs. Thanks to Rainey, Lorna, and Anna.

Thank you to Rachel who has been taking some great photos on Fridays as well as putting together a really cool SALSA SQUAD video with the help of Lois.

Thank you to the loyal and reliable team of teachers who have kept classes fresh and fun. Jonathan joined the team and has done a great job helping new people get started, expertly assisted by Jane.  


Alvin and Meg have been getting big classes at the Improvers level. Alvin says they are bigger than our top class, it’s close!

On Tuesdays we have seen the return of the mighty Stuart G with his unique sense of humour to do a great job with beginners whilst Joe and Sarah have bought dancers through at the Improvers level, again laughing and learning all the way.

On Fridays Elena and Sean have been squeezing people in like sardines to their Beginners class at Copa whilst Jonathan and Daniela have been gently and expertly moving people on in Improvers.

Thank you to my Glamorous assistants who make teaching such fun. To Nina who we are so pleased to have back in the team after her spell in Coventry and who I am looking forward to teaching with again, once a week, when her knees are better.

And thank you to Lesley for assisting me brilliantly whilst Nina has been away, as well as taking the Bachata shines for the Beginners. I am really looking forward to teaching with you both again when we start back.

This year, as with previous years, we have a truly solid team who go over and above just teaching. Thank you for all the other things you do to make things easier such as helping to set up and clear away, you are the best!

Thank you to our venue managers who open their doors to us every week. We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy their facilities so a big thank you to Justin at Butlers and Joel from Copa, top bosses!

Thank you to the bar staff at Copa, everyone who helps to clear the tables and chairs away before we get there, you don’t know how much this helps.

A big shout out to Limar and Luke on Tuesdays who get the place prepared for us way before we arrive and clear up our stuff after we leave whilst looking after the dance shoes, cardigans and mobile phones that we all leave behind every week. We love you!

A big thank you to the most important lady in my life, ‘Mi Numero Uno Chica’ - Elena. It’s been a challenging year in some ways but we like challenges right? Your love and support has kept me motivated and happy. Gracias, te amo con todo mi corazón.

And finally, if you are still with me, another heart felt thank you to all the Squadies, new and old, who make it out in all sorts of weather irrespective of what is on TV.

Here is to another year full of fun on the dance floor. I look for ward to seeing you when we start back again on Friday 10th Jan at Copa.

Happy New Year



posted by paul on 9th January 2014


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