Hi Paul, I have been to Salsa Squad three times now, twice at The Study and last night at Butlers. It is so fantastic and cant wait to learn more steps!

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Xmas 2011 Thank yous


The phrase '2011 has been a tough year' has probably been one of the most widely used sentances during December, and for many a reality.


But the few hours spent dancing each week has hopefully provided some escape from the tougher aspects of life and given us chance to realise how blessed we are to have the freedom and health to do so.


The Salsa scene in Gloucetershire has continued to flourish. This year we introduced another 300+ people to the beauty of Latin Dance. Some came for one lesson and in the same way I experienced paint balling, found it fun but too painful to do again. Some came for a few lessons to learn enough basics to demonstrate their new found talent to their mates on the disco dance floor and some caught the Salsa bug and have become an important part of the Salsa Squad Hard Core.


There are a lot of thank yous this year so here goes, and as Dermot L'Leary would say....in no particular order.


First off a big thank you to the the lovely ladies who meet and greet us at the door. Thank you to Kelly, Lorna, Leanne and, before leaving us to learn some new moves in London, Lesley. Thanks also Jonathan for his help setting up at The Barn and for sorting out the sounds system when the Barn Ghost starts messing around with it!


Also to the ladies who sign up the new members and make sure the email addresses are readable 'Is that a 2 or a zed, a dash or an underscore etc etc? Only once this year have I sent a welcoming email to the wrong person. Sadly it was to an 85 year old pensioner in a wheel chair - some serious groveling followed. So thank you Elena and Anna.


A big thank you to our hosts. To the Tithe Barn for providing such a magnificent venue to dance in on a Monday. To Justin for opening his doors to us every Tuesday in Gloucester. He has dug deep into his own pockets AGAIN this year to make Lady Butlers one of the finest venues in Gloucestershire. To Steve and Lucy, the managers at Lace, for the Friday Night use of their venue. I know its easy to take it for granted but having a town centre club of Laces capacity open for Salsa on a weekend night is a rarity in the Salsa world and one for which we are truly grateful. So to all our hosts a big thank you.


Talking of venues, thank you to the venue staff who turn up every week to serve us. They get there early to make the place look nice and stay after we have gone to clear up, that talcum powder gets everywhere! So thank you Max, Lucy, Lee, April, Limar and Luke. 


So to the team of teachers.


Its the same team as last year. Alvin is now in his second year and has been doing a sterling job with the beginners at The Barn as well as the occasional Guest appearance in the Improvers, but STILL not on Facebook!


To JT, who  continues to ease people in at Lace. He also landed himself his first full time job this year, well done mate, welcome to the real world!


To Nina who looks after the newbies at Butlers, now in her 6th year! To Kev who is still doing a stirling job with the Improvers at The Barn, ''What a Big Class You have!'. To Joe who is doing a double shift right now, teaching the Improvers at Lace and Butlers with the enthusiasm everyone has come to know and love.


A big thank you to the Glamorous Assistants who make the teachers jobs soooo much easier. Thanks to Meg, Skye, Nikki and Lucy (who we also lost to London) and of course Jonathan who I dont want to put in the Glamorous category, he's a mans man!


And of course Nina for making the moves we teach on Mondays and Fridays look especially good as well as all the other things she does behing the scene.


Thank you also to my Elena who continues to support me in what I do 8 hours a day plus 3 nights a week. Thank you for your support and encouragement, for listening to my ideas and gently letting me know when I am not thinking straight, which is quite a bit of the time.....


Finally a big mention to Stuart, who along with Nina was the first to join the Salsa Squad Teaching team 6 years ago. As many of you know Stuart was diagnosed with throat cancer earlier in the year. There are no good cancers but throat cancer is recconed to be one of the most uncomfortable. After extensive treatment Stuart has just been given the all clear which came a huge relief to his family and friends. 


I think this acted as a reminder as to how fragile life can be, to make the most of every day and to be grateful for all the good things we have in our lives.


We are all looking forward to when Stuart can return to Butlers, Joe is keeping things warm ready for his return.


So all that remains is for me to give the most important thank you of all. Any Salsa Club is only as good as the people who attend. So a HUGE thank you to all the dancers who travel far and wide to make the SALSA SQUAD nights what they are, a fun and friendly environment for people to let their hair down (unless you're like me), dance, chat and socialise with like minded people. It has been a real thrill to see so many new friendships formed this year, with as many people coming for the socialising as the dancing.


Here's wishing you all a healthy and prosperous 2012.


Thank you



posted by paul on 6th January 2012


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