Thanks for a great night at The Study on Friday, we all had a great time and it's a pleasure to meet such a friendly bunch of people, hope to see you all again soon. Best wishes.

George (Oxford)



Xmas Salsa Timetable 2017
Posted 12th November 2017

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Classes & Events

Here's the updated Xmas Salsa Calender for Dec 2017


Mondays at The Barn

We open up to and including Monday 18th December


Friday at Copa (updated)

10th November: We are open at Copa

17th November: No Salsa at all due to the races

24th November: We are open at Copa

1st Dec: We are at MooMoo's

8th Dec: We are at MooMoo's

15th Dec: We are at Moo Moo's (Xmas Party)


MooMoo's is on the same street and just down the road from Copa, we have exclusive use of the upstairs club room from 8.30pm to midnight (ish). Still only £6.



Tuesdays with Alvin and Nina in Gloucester are running right through to Tuesday 19th Dec.

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Prepare yourself!

New to Salsa? We were once too so we know how you might be feeling. You want to experience all the fun Salsa has to offer but you probably have a few small concerns as well, such as:

  • You think you have two left feet
  • You think you may not be able to do it
  • You think the class may be too complicated
  • Too old, too young, to big too small etc etc
  • In short, you may have a few minor fears about it all

Here at Salsa Squad we do everything we can to make your introduction to Salsa a simple, fun and friendly experience.

On your very first night we will ease you in with an 'Absolute Beginners Introduction to Salsa'. Here, you and the other 'Absolute Beginners' (we have new people arrive every week) will be taught 3 of the very basic steps that the whole of salsa is based on. You will be taught exactly where to put which foot, where and when, literally one step at a time.

From here you can progress at your own speed into the Beginners, Improvers and then, if you wish, Improver Plus classes. But remember, learning new things takes time, so give it at least 5 classes before things start to feel natural. By that time you will be amazing yourself and your friends with your new found skill.

Looking back you will wonder what the worry was all about. So take a deep breath and come along, you will have a great time. See you soon on the dance floor!

If you have any other questions, feel free to call me on 07785 542002 or e-mail me at
I look forward to seeing you at some of our Cheltenham Salsa lessons.