Paul Healey's Complete Fast Track Guide To Salsa

Purchase the Complete Fast Track Guide to Salsa and save £5. SPECIAL BONUS: Struggling to find decent Salsa tracks to dance to? Get my Hot List of 50 Floor Filling Salsa tracks that I have built up over 10 years of DJing. Click 'more information' below...

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The Complete Fast Track Guide to Salsa (2xDVD) contains 135 minutes of indepth step by step instruction of how to go from a complete beginner to a confident Salsa dancer. Unlike most SALSA DVD's you won't find the same move shown over and over again and then in slow motion, that's what your remote control is for. 

Instead you will be taken on an exciting journey beginning with the basic steps including 10 common mistakes and how to avoid them then through to learning over 25 moves at the Improver level. 

Purchasing both DVD's together ensures you have all the correct basics in place, enough moves to keep you entertained all night long on the dance floor AND saves you £5, plus you will receive a Special Bonus:


Right now I am making the names and artists of 50 of my all time favourite tracks collected over the last 10 years of DJing available to you as a special bonus. This list will make creating your next Salsa Playlist as easy as 123! I'm not sure how long I am going to include this bonus so get it whilst it's still available.

To top it off we are offering free delivery. Order today to guarantee your bonus.



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