Paul Healey's Beginners Fast Track Guide To Salsa

6 months in the making and filmed at the prestigious Cheltenham Film Studios in the UK, this DVD is one of the most professionally produced Salsa DVD's on the market.

This DVD will ensure you have all the correct fundamentals in place. The 10 tips section for perfecting your basic steps is essential viewing for dancers of all levels.

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You will also learn all of the moves taught during the SALSA SQUAD 6 week syllabus including variations of each move. These moves make up the core of salsa dancing and should be part of every dancers repertoire before moving up to the Improver level.

Each move is broken down in detail showing footwork for the man and the lady. Men will learn how to lead each move and ladies will learn valuable following techiques that will enable them to follow with confidence. Ladies will also learn simple hand and arm stying that can be incorporated during the core moves.

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DVD Content:
  • The Salsa Steps - Basic, Back, Open and Rumba
  • The Count of Salsa
  • 10 Tips for Perfecting the Basic Steps
  • The Hold
  • Leading and Following Techniques
  • Right Turns and Variations
  • Hair Combs
  • Cross Body Lead (CBL)
  • Right Turn, Sombrero and CBL Combo
  • Changing Places and Variations
  • Wrap and Variations
  • Around the World and Variations
  • Ballroom Turn
  • Ladies Styling

Only £19.95 with free shipping.



20th March 2011


1 hour, 15 mins



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What others think:

“The DVD is very proffesional, very informative, fantastic! I have my order in for the Improvers which i see is coming next. Best £20 I ever spent, cheers Paul and Nina, the best!” Maureen Malone

“It is very professionally produced and the content is ideal not only for beginners but those of us who THINK we have mastered the basics and need to remind ourselves of the proper techniques when we start to slip into bad habits.” Paul Dunning