Hi Paul, I have been to Salsa Squad three times now, twice at The Study and last night at Butlers. It is so fantastic and cant wait to learn more steps!

Liz B

Hi Paul, Just a quick note to I wish you and your team a Happy Christmas and to thank you for running a great Salsa class. You once asked for feedback, well I think you've got it just abou...


Hi Paul, What a pleasure it was to meet you. You know I had some doubts I have to say but I am pleased to say that they were completely and utterly unfounded. What a "Salsa" experience, t...

Don and Claire Yates

Hi Paul, Apologies for not having been to Salsa for an eternity but I thought you might like to know Diego and my news. We are getting married on Monday in Clearwell Castle- since we met at...




All Salsa Classes Cancelled Until Furthe...
Posted 13th March 2020

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Posted 12th April 2018

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All Salsa classes are CANCELLED until further notice.

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Class Syllabus

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Note: The syllabus below relates to all Salsa Squad Class Nights.

The Beginners Class always starts by teaching the basic steps; these are the salsa, open and forward and back (mambo). This only takes about 15 minutes after which we practice a new move, one each week as follows:

Please note, you don't have to start on week one. You can start any week, it makes no difference. The important thing is to complete the five lessons e.g start on week 3 then do week 4,5,1, and 2.

Week 1 - Mans and Ladies Right Turn
Week 2 - Ladies Left Turn
Week 3 - Basket
Week 4 - Cross Body Lead
Week 5 - Change Places

Make sure you check out our online videos of these moves!

By the time you have completed the 5 week syllabus you will be ready, if you wish, to move onto the Improvers Class. There is no rush to move to the Improvers and you can stay in the Beginners Class for as long as you want. Here at Salsa Squad we are huge advocates of people learning the basic fundamental steps until they are second nature. This will then free up the brain to take on new moves!

Each week the The Improvers Class will involve using combinations and slight variations of the moves above. This will make for an easy transition from one level to the next. The second half of the Improvers lesson will involve learning one brand new move. At the following week's class we will repeat this move as a refresher before another new move is learnt.

At the end of each class there is a chance to practice what you have learnt during the 'freestyle' part of the evening. Everyone takes to the floor and hones their skills to some hot Latin tracks.